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Myopia Data Presentation

Utilize axial length and refractive error measurements to effectively plot, showcase, and explain the progression of myopia.


Myopia Risk & Progress

Straightforward statistics and calculations based on up-to-date research from Ulster University.


Patient-friendly information

Effortlessly view, categorize, document, and export myopia reports.

PreMO - Risk Progression

Powerful tool for myopia visualisation & education

Created by the experts in myopia management at Ulster University

  • Refractive error graphs & percentiles
  • Axial length plots and population statistics
  • Risk scores and predicated myopia progression
  • Myopia information & advice
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PreMO - Web App

Web based tool for myopia information

GDPR Compliant

Data Driven Visualisations

Full Record Keeping System

Effortlessly and securely present pertinent statistics related to myopia. Promote effective myopia management and treatment strategies with PreMO.

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"This app has been a great help to me as an Optometrist. It's easy to show parents their child's myopia in a simple yet impactful way. Parents understand their child's myopia better, and we can discuss treatment more effectively. This app really makes my work easier and I would recommend it to other Optometrists."

Dr Debbie Laughton (Optometrist)

"I really like the plotting of refractive error and axial length. It's a straightforward way to show where a child stands compared to their peers and to illustrate to parents how their child's myopia is progressing."

Dr Aoife Hunter (Optometrist)

Very useful tool, and the pdf export functionality is great. I can give something to my patients after a visit that will encourage them to get their childs eye sight tested regularly and return to my practice.

Prof James Wolffsohn (Optometrist)

I like how the PreMo app lets me show parents how their child's eyes are growing in comparison to other children. It's also great that I can give parents a rough idea of how strong their child's glasses might need to be in the future if we don't take steps to control the myopia.

Dr Rebecca Leighton (Optometrist)

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Sponsored by the myopia experts at Wolffsohn Research. Free to use for all Optometrists and Ophthalmologists.